How Do I Keep My Pregnancy Acne Under Control

Before I got pregnant I heard people say pregnancy is a wonderful time when the mother is literally glowing from the inside… well, this is isn’t the case for me!! One of the first signs of my pregnancy, even before the morning sickness was a terrible breakout. And though my morning (and evening) sickness have gone by now (16 weeks) I am still breaking out and it’s not fun at all. The good news – I managed to keep it under control! Here are the products and the routines that helped me the most…


My skin background: In my  teenage years I suffered from severe acne (and to make things even worse – didn’t exactly master the art of makeup back then!). More than 15 years ago – I agreed to try a new drug – Accutane. It wasn’t easy for me, but by the time I finished my high school – I was finally acne free! As an adult – I still suffer from hormonal breakouts from time to time, especially after my period and always on the chin area. I usually treat it with a topical acne treatment.

My pregnancy acne: since the early weeks – I am breaking out in my face, my chest area and my back!! So this is how I keep my acne under control: and by “under control” I mean: I can wear v-neck shirts again and I don’t have to spend hours concealing my pimples every morning…

Step 1: cleanse 

My old cleanser contained salicylic acid  which is a no-no while pregnant. I heard good things about “Mama Mio” products, so I ordered this ‘gorgeous glow’ facial wash along with the ‘tummy rub’ cream. It contains naturally exfoliating Lactic Acid along with tea tree oil which supposed to deep-clean your face and balance the skin. I have to say it worked pretty good for me. Not instantly though but after a week or so of using it.

step 2: toning

I am a big fan of Bioderma’s “sebium h2o”. It purifies the skin and even dissolve my mascara. I can’t live without it! The Shiseido’s product is something I got as a gift and it suppose to make the skin softer and have some anti-aging qualities to it. I didn’t notice anything different but the smell is divine and it feels very luxurious so I use it after the toner!


step 3: gently peel

this is where the Alpha-H is getting into the picture: every other night I’m using this baby – a combination between a serum and a lotion. You might feel a little tingling at first – this is a good sign which means the product is working. It contains 10% Glycollic acid – an Alpha hydroxy acid produced from sugar canes and considered to be safe during pregnancy in low percentages. It gently clean and exfoliates the skin and in the morning, the skin feels softer and looks brighter.

Once a week: I’m using Origins’s Clear improvement mask (with active Charcoal) for deep cleaning and to unblock pores.

Every other month: I go to see my facialists for extortion, and she uses some Glycolic and Lactic acid ( a little more concentrated than the products I use at home) for extra brightness and dewiness to the skin.

Bye-Bye to My beloved La Roche Posay’s Effaclar K. Again, this one contains Salicylic acid that is great for Acne but, unfortunately, doesn’t considered to be safe during pregnancy. So long for now!


And that’s all!
I cross my fingers that this acne will disappear with time but in the meantime I’m trying to keep my face clean and treated and of course – drink tons of water!



4 thoughts on “How Do I Keep My Pregnancy Acne Under Control

  1. Raw honey masks are also GREAT for hydration and getting rid of acne–and they are all-natural! Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂


  2. I use products from Desert Essence, they have a wonderful face wash, I also use Derma-E night cream to moisturize in the morning and at night. I use products that have little to no chemicals in it. I had a friend who is a naturopath she has said that chemicals in products only increase the acne on your face because they are so harsh. your body works to purify itself so it pushes toxins out in many ways and one major way is through your skin. especially when your pregnant ( which I also am now.) using those two products I have no issues with my acne.


  3. TEA&MIMOSA what moisturizer did you use during the day and during the nights when you were alternating using the liquid gold?


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