The coat I want (Vs. the coat I can actually afford)

I wanted to write this post for quite long now…

I have a million coats already, but it’s only after you cover all the basics (long black wool coat, parka, classic trench) when you can start to have fun and buy more colorful ones.
I noticed this coat from Miu Miu’s 70’s inspired collection a long time ago and wanted it to be mine…

miu miu coat
Here is this beauty on the runway


miu miu wool coat
And it comes with a price: a little bit over 2,000 quids!
miu miu wool coat
For fashion girls only…

But then, just before Christmas, I saw these pics of Stephanie pratt and that other made-in-Chelsea-chick in what looked like totally-staged “paparazzi” photos, and I noticed the coat.2F059FA400000578-3344443-image-m-131_1449153107075

It looks just like the Miu Miu one unless it is TOPSHOP and the price tag is only 85£.


(Speaking of Pratt…  isn’t her skin looks AMAZING? Whatever laser or another facial she’s doing – I want to know!)


So anyway, the good news about the coat – now it’s also available in PINK!

topshop pink wool coat

My only dilemma: I am freaking pregnant…5 months now. My regular coats are hardly zippin’ up. Should I buy it with next year in mind?




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