Celebrities maternity style do’s and don’ts

As my bump is getting bigger and bigger, I look up to some of the finest dressed celebrities out there to learn what to wear – and more important – what not to wear  while pregnant.

Do: buy maternity skinny jeans

when your torso is heavier – It’s great to wear skinny jeans to balance the look. It looks really cute with oversized coat or sweatshirt. Just look at Jamie King. 

rs_634x1024-150503150415-634-jaime-king-new-york.ls.5315 285B550B00000578-3069592-image-m-14_1430877637612

Do: go for a nice summer dress (pair it with long cardi)


Because I live in London, the next time I’ll be able to wear a proper summer dress will probably be in only July, so I take comfort in this look, that looks cozy enough (I hope).

Do: do jumpsuits

one piece garment really makes the body look longer and it’s also a no-hassle when you don’t have enough time to think what the hell should you wear today.  pictured: Gwen Stefani and, again, Jamie King.

Pregnant+Gwen+Stefani+Family+Spend+Day+Together+W4rS5Eb6R7ul 848cf46b11fcfb5bc1be4c50dc02f1b3

Do: when in doubt – wear all black (or white)

one color outfit really makes you look like a very well put-together woman. which is important, because you probably feel like a total mess from the inside. Also, just like with the jumpsuits, one dominant color create the optical illusion of something longer. you can add a pop of color with a nice accessory, just like Blake Lively’s necklace.

Blake Lively wears a long white maternity dress when spotted out in downtown Manhattan Pictured: Blake Lively Ref: SPL885044 081114 Picture by: Wylde / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com


Do: color blocking

if you want to emphasize some parts of your body – like your tiny waist or your long legs –  color blocking is a good option. I like this dress Keira Knightley is wearing that hides the tummy but draw attention to her waist. How cool does she look?


Don’t: borrow your partner’s sweater

As tempting as it is, don’t borrow clothes from his side of the closet. it will only look sloppy at the end. pictured: Fearne Cotton (to be honest, I do think this is her sweater, but you can tell the size is just not right).


Don’t: look like a pregnant  BDSM queen

It’s totally cool if you want to look sexy while pregnant but there is a fine line between sexy and over-exposed.

spl1126880_002-e1442331460745 (1) Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant-Pictures-2015

Don’t: be tempted to go out in your PJ’s

I know this is the easiest solution, even if your name is Anne Hathaway or Leighton Meester but please, don’t! Like I said before, you don’t feel like the old, fabulous you at this time (at least, I’m not) – so it’s nice to do the extra effort for yourself!

leighton-meester-displays-large-baby-bump-03 (2) 306038D100000578-0-Maternity_dressing_at_its_finest_The_Golden_Globe_winner_was_a_v-m-26_1453295139807 (2)

Don’t: wear sky-high heels

Sure, it’s OK if you are goddamn Beyonce and you have a chauffeur that takes you around town so you won’t have to actually WALK, but for all the other mortals – please. It will be so much comfortable with flats.




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