So you probably been asking yourself, why does my blog sounds like the drinks menu? well, it has a good reason…

First, the tea. I wasn’t born in England but I live here now. and for me, tea represent this wonderful country. it has so many variations,  it’s comforting and heartwarming. I usually drink Earl Grey or English Breakfast in the mornings, and then green tea during the day (try to be careful with the caffeine!)20150504_123629

Mimosa… represents me! I mean, if I was a drink, that the one I would probably be. First, you drink it at brunch, which is my favorite meal!
Second, it’s sweet and bubbly and most important – it is a day drink and not a night drink. Is that make sense? It’s a happy drink, not something you drink to forget!

I hope to share with you on this blog my three loves:
My love for London, the places I go and things I see.
My passion for healthy, vegan food (hope with some yummy recipes),And last but not least, my obsession with celebrities (and mostly, what they wear and what beauty products they are using!)

Hope you enjoy reading,


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