Celebrities maternity style do’s and don’ts

As my bump is getting bigger and bigger, I look up to some of the finest dressed celebrities out there to learn what to wear – and more important – what not to wear  while pregnant.

Do: buy maternity skinny jeans

when your torso is heavier – It’s great to wear skinny jeans to balance the look. It looks really cute with oversized coat or sweatshirt. Just look at Jamie King. 

rs_634x1024-150503150415-634-jaime-king-new-york.ls.5315 285B550B00000578-3069592-image-m-14_1430877637612

Do: go for a nice summer dress (pair it with long cardi)


Because I live in London, the next time I’ll be able to wear a proper summer dress will probably be in only July, so I take comfort in this look, that looks cozy enough (I hope).

Do: do jumpsuits

one piece garment really makes the body look longer and it’s also a no-hassle when you don’t have enough time to think what the hell should you wear today.  pictured: Gwen Stefani and, again, Jamie King.

Pregnant+Gwen+Stefani+Family+Spend+Day+Together+W4rS5Eb6R7ul 848cf46b11fcfb5bc1be4c50dc02f1b3

Do: when in doubt – wear all black (or white)

one color outfit really makes you look like a very well put-together woman. which is important, because you probably feel like a total mess from the inside. Also, just like with the jumpsuits, one dominant color create the optical illusion of something longer. you can add a pop of color with a nice accessory, just like Blake Lively’s necklace.

Blake Lively wears a long white maternity dress when spotted out in downtown Manhattan Pictured: Blake Lively Ref: SPL885044 081114 Picture by: Wylde / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com


Do: color blocking

if you want to emphasize some parts of your body – like your tiny waist or your long legs –  color blocking is a good option. I like this dress Keira Knightley is wearing that hides the tummy but draw attention to her waist. How cool does she look?


Don’t: borrow your partner’s sweater

As tempting as it is, don’t borrow clothes from his side of the closet. it will only look sloppy at the end. pictured: Fearne Cotton (to be honest, I do think this is her sweater, but you can tell the size is just not right).


Don’t: look like a pregnant  BDSM queen

It’s totally cool if you want to look sexy while pregnant but there is a fine line between sexy and over-exposed.

spl1126880_002-e1442331460745 (1) Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant-Pictures-2015

Don’t: be tempted to go out in your PJ’s

I know this is the easiest solution, even if your name is Anne Hathaway or Leighton Meester but please, don’t! Like I said before, you don’t feel like the old, fabulous you at this time (at least, I’m not) – so it’s nice to do the extra effort for yourself!

leighton-meester-displays-large-baby-bump-03 (2) 306038D100000578-0-Maternity_dressing_at_its_finest_The_Golden_Globe_winner_was_a_v-m-26_1453295139807 (2)

Don’t: wear sky-high heels

Sure, it’s OK if you are goddamn Beyonce and you have a chauffeur that takes you around town so you won’t have to actually WALK, but for all the other mortals – please. It will be so much comfortable with flats.




The coat I want (Vs. the coat I can actually afford)

I wanted to write this post for quite long now…

I have a million coats already, but it’s only after you cover all the basics (long black wool coat, parka, classic trench) when you can start to have fun and buy more colorful ones.
I noticed this coat from Miu Miu’s 70’s inspired collection a long time ago and wanted it to be mine…

miu miu coat
Here is this beauty on the runway


miu miu wool coat
And it comes with a price: a little bit over 2,000 quids!
miu miu wool coat
For fashion girls only…

But then, just before Christmas, I saw these pics of Stephanie pratt and that other made-in-Chelsea-chick in what looked like totally-staged “paparazzi” photos, and I noticed the coat.2F059FA400000578-3344443-image-m-131_1449153107075

It looks just like the Miu Miu one unless it is TOPSHOP and the price tag is only 85£.


(Speaking of Pratt…  isn’t her skin looks AMAZING? Whatever laser or another facial she’s doing – I want to know!)


So anyway, the good news about the coat – now it’s also available in PINK!

topshop pink wool coat

My only dilemma: I am freaking pregnant…5 months now. My regular coats are hardly zippin’ up. Should I buy it with next year in mind?



The best tour you’ll ever take in NYC*

(*if you’re  Kardashian obsessed. And between you and me – who isn’t?)

Once in every time comes a TV show that gives you a sense of something stable in the unstable world. Usually, we’re talking about very long one, with lots of seasons and lots of episodes, that is always there when you turn on the TV, always on reruns, so after the 7,467th time you saw the same episode – it really gives you the feeling of something cozy and familiar. ‘Friends’ is one of those shows: you don’t need to see it in order to recite key dialogs (“we were on a break!”), you already saw it thousands of times, but you won’t mind watching it again. Over the time, you also starting do develop an obsession about the characters’ hair, Clothes, Etc. I bet you have your own “comfort show”. For me, for over a year now that show was ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. Yes. I know they are real people, but I like to refer to them as characters in a sitcom. Sue me. When I first moved to London I felt kind of lonely because I didn’t have a job or many friends, but this show was airing every evening and I really found comfort in that and that’s how I really got the know them. Why am I telling you all of that? Just as an introduction to my story about the crazy tour I had in NYC, tracking the Kardashian (and many other celebrities along the way). Hey, I’m not going to deny I love a good gossip story, it was even my job for some time!

So, on my last visit to New York City I wanted to do something different and funny, so I took my dear friend Nim Diamond to the TMZ tour (because there was no chance in hell my husband would have come along…) and what can I tell you? it was AWESOME!
There was nothing cheesy or tacky about it, it was really funny and engaging tour. and OK, I must admit I DID have a drink or two before (I guess on a sunny Saturday afternoon it was inevitable…)  But I promise you will have a good time even if you are not intoxicated:)

Yep, this is the fancy bus

The tour basically showed us all the celebrities milestones of NYC (at least to the TMZ fans) – like the Standard hotel – where Solange and Jay Z had that fight in the elevator, (B and J are main characters on this tour…), The restaurants on the west village where you can usually spot Rihanna and the club where Drake and Chris Brown had that fight over her, among many other hot spots. (I must say – my friend was even quicker than the guide to spotting all the GIRLS and SATC locations). And of course – no tour is complete without the necessary stop at DASH New York.


OK, that was embarrassing… Did I look like a pathetic tourist taking pictures inside?( probably yes). Did I still do it while the security guy gave me the pity look (Uhh… yes)? Did I still post it on Facebook (you bet!). But I didn’t buy anything, though, so I saved my dignity! (I hope).


The sweet treat: On our break, we got a small red velvet TMZ cupcakes! Oh, and I even won a shirt because we had a quiz and I knew what the letters TMZ stand for –  so do your homework 🙂


the tour costs 43$ and it’s 2 and half hours long. It’s not for everyone, so if you want to know if this is the right tour for you – ask yourself these 3 questions:
– Do you usually read TMZ with your morning coffee? (don’t lie!)
– Do you know all the Kardashian sisters by name? (don’t lie)
– Are you a person that don’t take oneself too seriously?
If you answered  ‘yes’ to these 3 questions – I think you should definitely go!